Al Hawkes and Mr & Mrs Smokey Valliere-3417
Al Hawkes jamming-3917
Barbara & Al Hawkes with daughter Darleen Doughty-3420
Becky Isaacs Bowman, Sonya Isaacs, Gabrielle Gray-3929
Bobby Hicks and Cody Beck with Up-N-Gone-3235
Bobby Hicks and Cody Beck-3237
Bobby Hicks and Cody Beck-3239
Bobby Hicks and Cody Beck-3241
Bobby Hicks, Cody Beck and Ken Ehlschide-3238
Cody Beck and Kenny Baker fiddling-3227
Cody Beck, Kenny Baker and Bobby Hicks-3226
David Reed, Roni Stoneman, Jimmy Cox, Peter Mezoian-4810
Eddie Adcock, Cody Beck, Kenny Baker and Bobby Hicks-3225
Fred Bartenstein and Al Hawkes-3247
Fred Bartenstein and Al Hawkes-3249
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